Why should we respond to people?


Today I am talking about this kind of question, what will people say? This is common question we listens it in our every day routine life by parents and relatives but I can’t understand why we bother this stupid question and why do we care about people?

To be very honest, I’m totally refused this kinda question; because if we are bother these so how can we chase our dreams and goals in our life. I think so our dreams are more important rather than bickering of people.


We should ignore these kinda people. We should live life independently or freely but this absurd thinking is tried to remove our vivid personality and our natural spark.

After age of 19 to 20, our parents should think now we grown up so they should less interrupt in our daily routine life. Specially, never ever sued this kind of sentence, what will people say? They should ignore this question because these kinds of sentences demolished our personality.

I’m totally disagreed with this question because this intervened our dreams and goals and also destruct our personality and confidence. Now a days we need to stop this kind of thinking; need to much focus on our future not on people because people never happy with you at any cost.

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I’m pointed out that kind of people who’s always interrupting girl’s life through irritating sentences like “don’t eat too much you become fatty, don’t go in sunlight you will darker, don’t talk loudly what people say”, these types of views disturbed our daughters mental growth and personality too, they become shy if they are fatty or dark in color. They think she couldn’t fit in their circle because of her color, fat or loud voice then sometime they went in depression or suffered through mental stress.illustration-mother-talking-with-daughter

These stereo type thinking not only disturbed girls but also their mothers, I think so mothers are more suffering then daughters because they are responsible of her daughters.

A mother can easily felt her daughter’s pain, tension, depression, irritation, she better understand which kind of restrictions or words destroyed her daughter mental peace.

Women should have enough power to stopped( by giving shut up calls) this kind of views; it doesn’t matter that such type of words comes from her family or family friends but she should stopped because of her daughter’s personality, life and brought up.


How can she move in a society while she has many doubts in her mind? How can she become a strong personality with these stupid doubts.

Mother should protect her daughter. She should properly aware her girl about this issue and also teaches her how to ignore this kind of nonsense, that’s how they can protect their daughters to some extent.




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8 thoughts on “Why should we respond to people?

    1. I agree with you more on this one. I’m from there from the age of 15-40 years, at 41 that’s when I have decided to do what I want seeking help from “God”. Now at the age of 46 my life is shaping up. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
      Thank you for this. This is exactly how I have raised my 16 year old son. I don’t want him to go same path as mine 😉

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