Choosing your husband is also choosing your future!


Provoked Movie review:
Provoked is a British biographical drama film, pictured on reality based story. This is maybe not super hit movie but its plot is very strong because it’s hitting on a bitter reality of our society…
Last night I felt boredom so I decided to watch some interesting movie suddenly I saw an English Hindi movie “provoked” which released in 2006. After watched this movie I felt very bad for our Asian women, those parents teaches them everything except how to save their self-respect! How to save humanity for being abused!
Kiranjit Ahluwalia is playing a lead role in this movie she belonged to a small village of Punjab; she was very innocent chic clad girl. She wed with a UK based boy, this is a typical arranged marriage, after wedding she moved to UK with her husband.
In the beginning she lived life full of color and fantasy with him but after sometime he exposed his real color to her. During these circumstances she gave the birth to two baby boys. They were also cute like mother. In this movie a husband is showed as an ugly man who felt complex with his wife’s beauty!
He was beaten and physical abused her since ten years. He is psychopath and atrocious person, alcoholic addicted, made scum relations and slept with other girls; treated her ruthlessly as an animal, even than she bore all his vicious and oppression because of marriage.
At the end she burned him when one night he was sleeping alcoholic. At last she took a criminal step and committed a crime. She didn’t think once which type of crime she was doing.
She is afraid of him. Her whole body showed the vicious activities of her husband. Not even a single part of her body was saved from her husband’s offenses. After that court put her behind the bars under the act of attempt to murder but unluckily in a short time he died; then court gave a verdict against her for 12 years sentenced!
During the hearing of case she was feeling ashamed by telling her whole story in front of judge and people she also faced the problem of language barrier; she couldn’t speak proper English that was worst thing as a defender!

A question raised in my mind, are we prepare our daughters just for marriage? This is enough for a girl who later become a mother and responsible of our race…
One thing that really attracted to me was the strong role of media. This is true, media have a power to change many minds we can used it as a propaganda tool; can also use it for both right and wrong but it works. One N.G.O’s also involved in her matter and they tried to get freedom for her; also used media in that regard.
N.G.O also wrote a book on the life history of victim. She lived a horrible, miserable life with husband. The words of her in this movie touched my heart she said, “ instead of my husband I’m feeling safe in the jail”. This is very shameful words for a real man whose wife feels insecure with him!
She faced a very hard time in jail but “God” helped her and sent her a very good friend like an angle who helped her for the bail; N.G.O also helped her and her book exposed a real story of her life.
This is a very good and impressive movie have a hidden massage for all women. Power didn’t in body, power is in the brain so woman especially Asian woman should use their mental power and should respect her own self-respect!



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14 thoughts on “Choosing your husband is also choosing your future!

  1. I loved the last three lines of your post! Yes! If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand!! Thanks for sharing this post!

    Yes, i must also thank you for following my blog. I hope you like my posts, if you read them!

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  2. this is a very good post,19 people loved it when I and reblogged it. Keep writing, keep blogging. let your truth be told and let all the feelings be shared, Many carry the same feelings yet let unexpressed. This issue the movie portrays is a real story to many, many before us even…and those stories of a “no say” life…may we share the stories and encourage many to live an inspired “yes” life and an honored sacred “no”.

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  3. We all need to deal with our elf esteem issues before making the decision of getting married. Marriage doesn’t take these personal flaws away. It amplifies them. Nobody deserves to carry out unhealthy baggages for or with us. Deal with your complex and dysfunctional issues before hooking up with another individual, who likely has his or her own self worth issues.

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