A princess or a prisoner


Why Girls suffered in restricted families?

I’m not trying to hit any specific cast and religion, I’m trying to point out those restricted families who don’t allows their daughters to take even a single breath independently.
This issue is not only belongs to Pakistan many people of different countries are also facing this kind of gender discrimination, but today I’m only talking about my country. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, girls who were born in the backward and restricted families face different types of discrimination.
Girls also bore injustice on the basis of gender if he is a man so he has a permission to do whatever he want… but if she is a girl so they don’t allows to live her life.
I’m here to enlightening the life of girls ‘who have everything in life except life!’
She can’t go alone outside or to make decisions for her own life, she can’t laugh loudly, they restricts her in wearing, Abaya and veil as these are necessary for her life, many other restrictions she bear in her whole life.
Her father and brother treated her harshly. Every common girl who belongs to restricted family is facing all these types of inferiority in family. She bears and had to live in this pain.
I want to shed light on tribal, northern and nomadic areas where girls sold and bought like animals. They even didn’t allow her to express their pain; fought for her rights. She is living like corpse!
Girls faced many grim situations but didn’t complain against this injustice. If she tried to raise her voice against injustice so they suppressed her voice for life time. She doesn’t have her own life she lives according to her family orders.
She treated them in very brutality manners. She can’t marry according to her own will, can’t see dreams for her own self, didn’t made decision for her own self, didn’t allow to chase her dreams! She lived like a prisoner and as her family want to.
She didn’t have any freedom of speech even, perhaps, before marriage they bear little bit oppression but after marriage they bear all kind of injustice, as compare to before marriage’s life, her husband beats and crushes her rights but she bears silently and doesn’t raise her voice against injustice or offenses activities.
She is not only bear all mass for herself but she is also creating history and establishing injustice for her own race those will be also suffer in future.
Childhood engagements also common in these types of families they didn’t even think once what kind of future they are giving to their princess! when they think about their decision the time has been passed yet they couldn’t help her.
Especially, when they forcefully tied her with anyone because their princess is their own property and made their princess scapegoat on the name of Izaat!
Girl who is a part of the conservative family she really couldn’t know, when she became victim from princess!
As an educated woman I think, we should raise our voice against any kind of injustice. If Islam gives women rights so why we put aside those rights for our so cold family who don’t even thinks we are human not animals! So why we should bothers them?
Freedom is our basic right, so how our family or parents can put us behind the bars for the sake of house or family respects. If they don’t care about our feelings and self-respect so why we care about them? If we want to fly beyond the sky so we should do it but live in our limits. We should also follow our rules as a girl.
Someone well said “Woman is like a stream until stream flow in their limits it brings happiness but when it crosses their limits then brings destruction”



Journalist, Blogger, MPhil student

22 thoughts on “A princess or a prisoner

  1. Hi there! You are a wonderful, strong woman. I cannot imagine what you have suffered. I am American born and bred and my heart breaks for you. Anything that I may find to complain about pales in comparison to your experience. Stay in touch. I admire you.

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  2. This is the mentality problem then comes to religion problem and mostly in low and middle class family and in Muslims most of the men thought rules and regulations are designed only for women not for men that is why most of the men treated women as property, as slaves…we are all humans and we all have equal opportunity and if there is any restrictions so restrictions should be for everyone irrespective of gender….
    If you are right then don’t care about people and try to open up urself ,it would be little difficult but not impossible… Malala Yusafzai is an example for every Pakistani girl

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