How can we mitigate our depression

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Today I will discuss how to mitigate our depression through some effective ways. Nowadays depression is being common disease among us specially, in youth.

For alleviate depression you should start writing. A person who is suffering from depression, in this condition take him anywhere he feels dissatisfied and sad.


He doesn’t able to understand his condition and properly can’t manage own feelings; write whatever you feel, this is the best way to take over anxiety and express your feeling. Some researchers have proven that is the best way to take over your depression.


The second method that should be used to curtail your depression, it’s a walk and exercise. When you are wakes up early in the morning and exercise so the human body absorbs more oxygen as a result negative hormones less and produces that kind of hormone who give positive signals to brain, Yoga is also healthy treatment for decreasing depression.


Another way to decrease depression is to ignore caffeine.  A famous psychiatrist Timothy Lake from New York said, “i was also suffering from depression and that depression was causing of Anxiety and panic, I felt that this disease was making me addicted to caffeine and after drink it i felt more anxiety and panic”.


When you have to feel anxiety, panic or depression should eat something testy, after eating you will feel better. Mostly people say we don’t eat due to busyness because we don’t have time to take breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner, but Doctor Timothy Lake said, whenever he feels depressed he eats tasty food.


The last and my favorite point is that to use some fragrance whenever you are feeling depression. It is said, fragrance is a sensitive and stunning invention of beings because it reduce mental panic of humans.


Why we are afraid to talk about rape?



Is it a sin to talk about rape???


Is it a sin to talk about rape? Why we are frightened to talk about rape? Why victim of rape is scared, rapist should afraid, who committed crime. Why we are always blame on girl in such vicious crime which she  face in her whole life. Only girl is not the victim of rape but entire family has to face it.

Why our society doesn’t give the right of survival to victim? Most of the time we hear that girl show some vin to attain attention in sense of rape. Why do people forget? This ruthless crime can also be with own family. The problem arises when victim treat as a culprit they do not even talk about this incident. These are the questions came to my mind whenever I hear about rape.

Why we are afraid? We should change our behavior about this barbarous crime, society should change their stereotype thinking. If we will not talk on this issue the crime rate will increase day by day.

Now a days rape rate has been increasing day by day in Pakistan. Daily we hear the rape news in different parts of country. This is extreme level of injustice that culprits live freely and victim trying to hide their self.

The data of registered cases, at least 206 gang-raped, 2840 raped, and 681 have been murdered across the country, In total, more than 5660 crimes were reported against women in Pakistan’s four provinces during the first 10 months of the year.

These are the cases that have been reported but there are many incidents that haven’t yet been reported; which gives courage to culprit and he once again commit this vicious crime with another girl. Nowadays rapist first rape, then murder her so that they don’t leave back proof. This is the result of our silence.

 Our silence gave courage to culprits. In present, rape victim Abida in Chichawatni is an enormous example to us; firstly she raped then ruthlessly murdered. After take notice by chief justice of Pakistan concerned department listened the voice of her family.

If we through back we found a brave woman who took stand, reported FIR and fought fearlessly for justice and raised her voice against criminals then the culprits were punished through high court of Pakistan; she was suffered but didn’t lose hope and created an example for other, she didn’t go with the stereotype thinking of our society.

 Her name is Mukhtaran mai, now she is treated as an icon and invited in different shows, red carpet and try to spread awareness among other women through her.

Nowadays, we need to raise voice against this ruthless crime; we should stand up with victim and trying to get justice, it is necessary for the integrity and survival of our daughters and sisters. Government should make some strict laws and should try to impose them against rapist and take immediately action against criminals. This is the way we save our families.




Ruthless men not only burn women’s face but also destroy her life!

1498995099-Acid Attack UP lucknow women


From last few days, I was hearing different news about acid throw on college girls, women and even children. Such kind of news forced me to write something about this heinous crime of society.

When vicious person throw acid on woman, in this process not only burn her face or body but also her whole life. If atrocious person punished, can we properly save victim’s life? Is she can live same life before acid attack?

Does doctor make same effected parts like God gave woman? In any crime this punishment or action is not acceptable at any coast. As a human being we should raise voice against this heinous crime.

In Pakistan this crime has been increasing day by day. If women obey men’s order then okay; if she rejects then she deserve punishment and punishment decided by men.  He will decide either murdered her or throw acid or treat with brutality.

This crime was common in our villages but now this crime is also caught in cities. We are listening many news about this crime. Why we never find to listen, wife’s throw acid on husband because of his loose character. Wife’s murdered her Husband  because of his obscene activities.

If accidentally our police detained criminal he is simply said she had loose character that’s why I had done this. When police investigate all the matter; find 90 percent women are innocent in that kind of cases; and proved they were liar. Few of them, got punishment; mostly set free on the base of settlement.

When we talk about character, men immediately talk about Islam and said Islam gave him permission to strictly punish women. Here is a question raise in my mind; it is the religion who gave order human to be kind even with animals. How can Islam allows to persecute any human being in brutality manner?

Many laws are present in our country but there is no implementation. Acid attacks became illegal in Pakistan in 2010 when parliament passed the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill, which can carry punishments of lifetime imprisonment. But the law is rarely enforced in rural areas, so acid attacks continue.

HRCP recorded 51 cases of acid attacks with 67 female victims in 2016. Using statistics to support her claim, Khan-Yusfuzai says: “In 2012, only one per cent of the FIRs were registered under this law. In 2013, that percentage rose to 71.”

Mostly, women are not reported FIR against this illegal activity, if any woman reported, her family bear down to take back FIR before punishment. Now that’s fault of our people not our laws.

Personal satisfaction or revenge in some domestic issue is basic reason of this crime and criminal shouldn’t refer our ‘sacred religion’ when he commit this atrocious crime. Throw acid on women is completely vicious activity, so we should take action against this crime.


میں ہونا آسان نہیں !!!


وہ جان کر مایوس ہوے
کہ میں انسان ہوں دکان نہیں
محفل کے ذرق وشوق کا
یہاں کوئی سامان نہیں
تماشے میں جیت جانے کو
ہر ایک دل لُبھانے کو
ہوں زرا بھی پریشان نہیں
لوگوں کی کم نگاہی پہ اور
اس سے مچی تباہی پہ
.بلکل بھی حیران نہیں
یہ میرے بالوں کی اُلجھنیں
…ان کی تو داستان نہیں
یہ میری آنکھوں کی مشکلیں
!کسی غیر کا احسان نہیں
دنیا میں پلا ہوں دنیا سے جلا ہوں
کب کا مر گیا ہوتا پر کیسے ٹلا ہوں
میرا دیس پرستان نہیں
اور جیا بنا تعاوان نہیں
ریکھنے میں لگتا ہے
!!!پر میں ہونا آسان نہیں

A Road Trip:)


I wanna go to a road trip

I want to go with my close friends, an open car with high bass speakers and a digital camera. During journey I want to feel wind in my hairs. I want to stay on different historical and unique places and I will make lots of selfiez and want to capture different scenes.

I will see the sun rise, shining stars and chase the cool winds, feel the soft and citrus flowers and capture the nature; will run behind the butterflies and feel the fragrance of grass. I definitely, want to taste many flavors of coffee from different tuck shops and feel coffee fragrance in my breath.


I want to feel rain on my body; I like to feel every drop of rain in my soul. During journey I want to walk barefooted on Concrete road and want to drink cool water of stream….

Want to see galaxy, count the starts whole night and do gossips with my friends. I want to feel independent like a bird and fly beyond the sky!

Having lots of fun with my good friends; will go dance party with them, no restriction to me on that time! Want to feel full of freedom for my-self. This trip will be wonderful for me which will completely relax my-self. By my side this is the way we will feel fresh and relax in our life 🙂


Human can achieve whatever he wants!!!


 Human can achieve whatever he wants, In life, every human have two ways to achieve anything, so a wise man chose the right path to achieve his goals because the right path brings man to his destination.

Well, the difference between right and wrong tells brought up of human. Parents should teach their children what’s wrong and what’s right. It’s necessary that parents should have enough sense to tell their children that is the difference between right and wrong path.

Human face many rejections in life but he shouldn’t give up, only that man can succeed who doesn’t lose his hope and try again and again. In life, something has to be lost to get something.

What’s lost, should be forget about that….! Whatever, human wants to get he must have consistency for it, Well said Paulo Coelho in his book “The Alchemistwhen you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 

Therefore, we should have a lot of courage to achieve our goals.





I like to see December’s Rain!

I like to feel December’s cold airs

I like to feel December’s fog

I like to hear December’s silence

I like to see December’s nights

I like to see December’s mornings

I like to wet in December’s rain

I like to see December’s less-glare Moon

I like to see December’s shining stars

I like to feel December’s coldness in my soul

I like to see dancing trees on December’s air

I like to hear December’s deep silence!!!


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