Human can achieve whatever he wants!!!


 Human can achieve whatever he wants, In life, every human have two ways to achieve anything, so a wise man chose the right path to achieve his goals because the right path brings man to his destination.

Well, the difference between right and wrong tells brought up of human. Parents should teach their children what’s wrong and what’s right. It’s necessary that parents should have enough sense to tell their children that is the difference between right and wrong path.

Human face many rejections in life but he shouldn’t give up, only that man can succeed who doesn’t lose his hope and try again and again. In life, something has to be lost to get something.

What’s lost, should be forget about that….! Whatever, human wants to get he must have consistency for it, Well said Paulo Coelho in his book “The Alchemistwhen you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 

Therefore, we should have a lot of courage to achieve our goals.



Journalist, Blogger, MPhil student

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