A Road Trip:)


I wanna go to a road trip

I want to go with my close friends, an open car with high bass speakers and a digital camera. During journey I want to feel wind in my hairs. I want to stay on different historical and unique places and I will make lots of selfiez and want to capture different scenes.

I will see the sun rise, shining stars and chase the cool winds, feel the soft and citrus flowers and capture the nature; will run behind the butterflies and feel the fragrance of grass. I definitely, want to taste many flavors of coffee from different tuck shops and feel coffee fragrance in my breath.


I want to feel rain on my body; I like to feel every drop of rain in my soul. During journey I want to walk barefooted on Concrete road and want to drink cool water of stream….

Want to see galaxy, count the starts whole night and do gossips with my friends. I want to feel independent like a bird and fly beyond the sky!

Having lots of fun with my good friends; will go dance party with them, no restriction to me on that time! Want to feel full of freedom for my-self. This trip will be wonderful for me which will completely relax my-self. By my side this is the way we will feel fresh and relax in our life 🙂