Ruthless men not only burn women’s face but also destroy her life!

1498995099-Acid Attack UP lucknow women


From last few days, I was hearing different news about acid throw on college girls, women and even children. Such kind of news forced me to write something about this heinous crime of society.

When vicious person throw acid on woman, in this process not only burn her face or body but also her whole life. If atrocious person punished, can we properly save victim’s life? Is she can live same life before acid attack?

Does doctor make same effected parts like God gave woman? In any crime this punishment or action is not acceptable at any coast. As a human being we should raise voice against this heinous crime.

In Pakistan this crime has been increasing day by day. If women obey men’s order then okay; if she rejects then she deserve punishment and punishment decided by men.  He will decide either murdered her or throw acid or treat with brutality.

This crime was common in our villages but now this crime is also caught in cities. We are listening many news about this crime. Why we never find to listen, wife’s throw acid on husband because of his loose character. Wife’s murdered her Husband  because of his obscene activities.

If accidentally our police detained criminal he is simply said she had loose character that’s why I had done this. When police investigate all the matter; find 90 percent women are innocent in that kind of cases; and proved they were liar. Few of them, got punishment; mostly set free on the base of settlement.

When we talk about character, men immediately talk about Islam and said Islam gave him permission to strictly punish women. Here is a question raise in my mind; it is the religion who gave order human to be kind even with animals. How can Islam allows to persecute any human being in brutality manner?

Many laws are present in our country but there is no implementation. Acid attacks became illegal in Pakistan in 2010 when parliament passed the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill, which can carry punishments of lifetime imprisonment. But the law is rarely enforced in rural areas, so acid attacks continue.

HRCP recorded 51 cases of acid attacks with 67 female victims in 2016. Using statistics to support her claim, Khan-Yusfuzai says: “In 2012, only one per cent of the FIRs were registered under this law. In 2013, that percentage rose to 71.”

Mostly, women are not reported FIR against this illegal activity, if any woman reported, her family bear down to take back FIR before punishment. Now that’s fault of our people not our laws.

Personal satisfaction or revenge in some domestic issue is basic reason of this crime and criminal shouldn’t refer our ‘sacred religion’ when he commit this atrocious crime. Throw acid on women is completely vicious activity, so we should take action against this crime.




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