Why we are afraid to talk about rape?



Is it a sin to talk about rape???


Is it a sin to talk about rape? Why we are frightened to talk about rape? Why victim of rape is scared, rapist should afraid, who committed crime. Why we are always blame on girl in such vicious crime which she  face in her whole life. Only girl is not the victim of rape but entire family has to face it.

Why our society doesn’t give the right of survival to victim? Most of the time we hear that girl show some vin to attain attention in sense of rape. Why do people forget? This ruthless crime can also be with own family. The problem arises when victim treat as a culprit they do not even talk about this incident. These are the questions came to my mind whenever I hear about rape.

Why we are afraid? We should change our behavior about this barbarous crime, society should change their stereotype thinking. If we will not talk on this issue the crime rate will increase day by day.

Now a days rape rate has been increasing day by day in Pakistan. Daily we hear the rape news in different parts of country. This is extreme level of injustice that culprits live freely and victim trying to hide their self.

The data of registered cases, at least 206 gang-raped, 2840 raped, and 681 have been murdered across the country, In total, more than 5660 crimes were reported against women in Pakistan’s four provinces during the first 10 months of the year.

These are the cases that have been reported but there are many incidents that haven’t yet been reported; which gives courage to culprit and he once again commit this vicious crime with another girl. Nowadays rapist first rape, then murder her so that they don’t leave back proof. This is the result of our silence.

 Our silence gave courage to culprits. In present, rape victim Abida in Chichawatni is an enormous example to us; firstly she raped then ruthlessly murdered. After take notice by chief justice of Pakistan concerned department listened the voice of her family.

If we through back we found a brave woman who took stand, reported FIR and fought fearlessly for justice and raised her voice against criminals then the culprits were punished through high court of Pakistan; she was suffered but didn’t lose hope and created an example for other, she didn’t go with the stereotype thinking of our society.

 Her name is Mukhtaran mai, now she is treated as an icon and invited in different shows, red carpet and try to spread awareness among other women through her.

Nowadays, we need to raise voice against this ruthless crime; we should stand up with victim and trying to get justice, it is necessary for the integrity and survival of our daughters and sisters. Government should make some strict laws and should try to impose them against rapist and take immediately action against criminals. This is the way we save our families.






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