How can we mitigate our depression

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Today I will discuss how to mitigate our depression through some effective ways. Nowadays depression is being common disease among us specially, in youth.

For alleviate depression you should start writing. A person who is suffering from depression, in this condition take him anywhere he feels dissatisfied and sad.


He doesn’t able to understand his condition and properly can’t manage own feelings; write whatever you feel, this is the best way to take over anxiety and express your feeling. Some researchers have proven that is the best way to take over your depression.


The second method that should be used to curtail your depression, it’s a walk and exercise. When you are wakes up early in the morning and exercise so the human body absorbs more oxygen as a result negative hormones less and produces that kind of hormone who give positive signals to brain, Yoga is also healthy treatment for decreasing depression.


Another way to decrease depression is to ignore caffeine.  A famous psychiatrist Timothy Lake from New York said, “i was also suffering from depression and that depression was causing of Anxiety and panic, I felt that this disease was making me addicted to caffeine and after drink it i felt more anxiety and panic”.


When you have to feel anxiety, panic or depression should eat something testy, after eating you will feel better. Mostly people say we don’t eat due to busyness because we don’t have time to take breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner, but Doctor Timothy Lake said, whenever he feels depressed he eats tasty food.


The last and my favorite point is that to use some fragrance whenever you are feeling depression. It is said, fragrance is a sensitive and stunning invention of beings because it reduce mental panic of humans.



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